Easi Basket

The “Easi-Basket” is the most advanced basket system available in Australia. Most conventional baskets require a set of drawer slides to be attached manually to the rim of the basket. This is time consuming and the final look is unrefined with sharp exposed edges.

The “Easi-Basket” has a unique roller design that is actually incorporated into the rim of the basket. This makes the basket look attractive with the rounded corners and rolled edge rim.

Due to its simplicity, the “Easi-Basket” can be easily moved from one cupboard to another. The hardware is compatible and interchangeable which is especially handy when used in a wardrobe and laundry application. For example, a basket in every bedroom wardrobe can be allocated as a dirty wash basket, once full this can be taken out of the bedroom and exchanged for an empty basket in the laundry making it simple to store the dirty wash until washing time.
Other features include:

• Double stop prevents the basket from falling out
• The pull-out can be locked in an open position
• Epoxy coating
• Comes complete with 400mm slides for easy installation
• Available in white

Each style is available in white. We also have the option of a raw front that you can paint in any colour or style you like.” with “The “Easi-Basket”is available in 210mm height, with a range of sizes listed in the table below


D x W


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